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The when and how of changing a custody order

Change is a fact of life. We all know it, but parents know it especially well. Whether change is a choice or happens because of unforeseen circumstances, we are forced to adjust. When you have a child custody plan to work around, however, adjusting can be difficult. In some cases, changing the custody plan may be the best option.

What does the 'best interests of the child' mean in child custody?

If you are going through a divorce or negotiating a child custody plan, you have probably heard the phrase "best interests of the child." Like other states, Missouri uses the best interests of the child standard when determining or approving a child custody plan. But what does that mean?

How to make the transition to divorce easier on your kids

Your divorce may be hard on your children. As many divorced parents in Missouri know, it can be difficult to protect your kids entirely from the challenges of adjusting to a new home life. However, children are resilient, and there are things you can do to make the process a little easier on your kids.

4 common questions about splitting assets during divorce

Figuring out how to split assets is one of the more complicated tasks of divorce. Some property has taken years of labor and love to get to where it is today. Tempers can rise when assets close to our heart gets taken away. It can help to know the rules during separation and how property will be split in the end. The following four questions are commonly asked by divorcing couples about splitting their assets.

5 Divorce pitfalls to avoid

Divorce is a stressful time for all involved. Often, the stress can contribute to people making mistakes in the settlement process. However, these mistakes are avoidable - in part by hiring a knowledgeable attorney to guide you through the process. A good lawyer can lead you through an uncontested divorce in which both sides reach a fair agreement and maintain a positive relationship without the court's intervention. This not only helps the couple involved, but also reduces stress for children and other family members. The following are five common pitfalls of divorce that good communication and proper guidance can help you avoid.

New Missouri custody law encourages equal time for both parents

Until recently, Missouri had very similar laws to most of the country when it came to court-driven child custody decisions. Judges often awarded significant periods of time with the children to each parent, but it was not always equal time. However, the new "shared parenting" law, which went into effect at the end of August, may change this.

What kids need from parents during divorce

No matter how amicable it may be, divorce is still painful. For parents going through a divorce, there is the added stress of how to help children understand and cope with the fallout from it. Many times, kids may not understand why mom and dad have decided to make this painful decision. For kids, they only witness the resulting instability and start feeling uncertain about the future. Parents can lessen a child's anxious thoughts and nervousness by following these tips during the divorce process.

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