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Want To Save Time And Money? Consider Mediation

Facing divorce is never easy. Even if you know it is the right thing for you and your family, it can be difficult to control the emotional challenges that come with divorce.

What you can control, however, is the way you approach your divorce. How you choose to handle your divorce can greatly impact the amount of time, money and energy you will have to give up in the process.

What is mediation?

If you are divorcing in Missouri, you have the option to go through mediation. Mediation is a process in which a third party serves as a mediator between you and your spouse, helping you to find compromise in areas where you disagree. Mediation can be used to address every aspect of your divorce or just one or two that you are having trouble seeing eye-to-eye on.

Minimizing costs

Mediation can be extremely beneficial to spouses who are hoping to minimize costs in their divorce. By reaching a settlement out of court, you avoid expensive court fees and additional attorney fees.

Maximizing your time

When you are going through a divorce, you have a lot to deal with. You may be adjusting to a new living situation, or figuring out how to manage your schedule and those of your children without your spouse around. In short, the idea of dragging out your divorce may not sound ideal.

If your goal is to finalize your divorce as soon as possible so you can move on with your life, mediation may be the right option for you. Taking a divorce to court takes a lot of time, and you have to work around the court's schedule. By working out an agreement outside of the courts, you can arrange sessions around your schedule, which can help lead to a much quicker resolution.

Finding a solution you can live with

Mediation is not only advantageous in terms of cost and time commitment, but it also allows you and your spouse to set the terms of your divorce - not a judge who doesn't know you or your situation. While it may require some compromise, an agreement achieved through mediation allows you and your ex to determine what is fair for you both and what is best for your children.

Make sure to seek legal counsel

Even if you have decided to pursue mediation, it is important to seek counsel from an experienced attorney. An attorney can advise you of the possible ramifications of each decision you make, while also ensuring that your rights and best interests are protected throughout the process. At the very least, it is important to have a lawyer read over your final agreement. Your lawyer can make sure that everything has been properly addressed, and that the agreement will be approved by the courts.

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