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How to divorce without breaking the bank

Let's face it, divorce is rough: beyond the personal difficulties associated with separation, the process is costly and can leave one or both spouses in dire financial straits.

Whether you're heartbroken, numb or just plain angry, a toxic emotional condition is the last thing you need during the divorce process. Sure, the feelings may be there, but it is important to compartmentalize in order to speed the process along and minimize the damage that comes with ending a marriage. Once you've divorced successfully and maintained a hold on some of your valuable assets, you can begin the healing and rebuilding process in earnest.

The costs of divorce

Beyond court costs and attorney fees, divorce is expensive for a number of reasons.

  • Loss of the advantage of shared healthcare: Divorce can result in the loss of one spouse's medical benefits. Acquiring your own healthcare as a single person or single parent with children is often pricey.
  • Division of possessions: There is an array of one-per-household items, including appliances and furniture; divorce may entail purchasing some of these items all over again.
  • Therapy fees: Divorce is especially tough on families with children, and even couples without kids may find themselves in need of therapy following separation. Therapy isn't cheap, and you may need to incorporate this cost into your overall expenses.

Getting the ball rolling

Given the many costs of divorce, it is important to begin the separation process as soon you can and attempt to reduce expenses wherever possible. A good first step is to create clear and open lines of communication with your spouse. Though you may have to make some concessions, if you can agree on the terms of the divorce, it will minimize costs and may even reduce the friction between you and your spouse in the long-run. This is especially useful if you have children and will need to remain on decent terms for child custody purposes.

Choose a non-contested divorce, if possible

As a spouse entering into the divorce process, you have a lot on your plate. Be kind to yourself and pursue a non-contested divorce, if possible. This route will enable you to establish a feasible plan for asset and debt division, and keep court and attorney fees as low as possible. At the Zolman Law Firm, our non-contested divorce rates start at $600. This is an extremely affordable path to divorce, compared to spending thousands in legal fees.

Though a non-contested divorce requires consensus between partners, it is the surest way to reduce overall costs and allow you to begin re-stabilizing your life, both financially and personally.

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