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Gray divorce: Why older couples are peacefully parting ways

Divorce can affect couples of any age, and "gray divorce" rates rose steadily between 1990 and 2010. The term "gray divorce" describes splits that happen later in life, generally involving couples 50 and older.

Factors contributing to gray divorce rates

Many older couples considering divorce have been married for several decades and feel that a change is needed. The choice to divorce for couples in this age bracket is a tough one, and a range of factors can contribute to this decision.

  • Greener pastures. One or both partners may yearn for their younger, livelier years and this can result in a desire to pursue younger partners with more active lifestyles.
  • Accumulated frustration. Marriage is challenging and minor trials can accumulate over the years. This buildup can damage the structure and stability of a marriage and may leave couples wanting a way out. Poor communication also contributes to wear and tear on a marriage.
  • Financial issues. Some couples struggle with living expenses and debt, but even the most financially secure marriages can be affected by money-related disagreements. Where should funds be allocated, and how much should a couple save? Questions of this kind can be tough to answer, especially if the marriage is suffering in other ways, too.

Why Uncontested Divorce?

Contested divorce can really take a toll on your physical and mental well-being, plus complicated divorce proceedings carry hefty attorney fees and court costs. Divorce is an unfortunate reality in many lives, but there are ways to minimize its strain and costs - both physical and mental.

A Cost-Effective Option

Older couples preparing to divorce typically have significant financial matters to consider: Retirement plans, limited time or ability to work, possible medical bills and lingering debt are just a few potential sources of financial strain. Uncontested divorce provides a less costly alternative to contested divorce. Additional benefits to uncontested divorce include a more amicable separation for both partners and lower stress for children and grandchildren.

If you are considering gray divorce, you may be losing a partner of many years. An uncontested divorce can allow you to determine sensible divisions of assets and preserve the positive features that remain in your relationship. If you hope to pursue an uncontested divorce, reach out to us at the Zolman Law Firm; we provide complimentary consultations.

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