Steps To Get Your Driving Privilege Back, Applying For License Reinstatement

(1) Find out why you lost it in the first place.

The state of Missouri mails out letter(s) to you when they take away your driving privilege that explain what you have done (or NOT done) that caused them to take this action.

Perhaps you have lost the letter(s) or never received them (NOTE: The state mails the letter(s) to the last address that they have on record for you. So if you have moved, perhaps the letter(s) were never put into your hands.

If you cannot locate the letter(s) the information can be found on your current Missouri driver record. You may purchase a copy of your current driver record at any Missouri license office (take photo ID with you), or call (314) 375-5237. In either case, you will be charged a fee.

A reason will be listed on each letter, and all the reasons will be listed on your driver record under "Department Actions".

(2) Make a list of your Violation(s).

A reason (termed a violation) will be listed on each letter, and all the reasons will be listed on your driver record under "Department Actions".

The State of Missouri has a specific process for curing (making amends) for each traffic violation. However, if you have multiple violations and two or more violations require the same steps, you need only complete the duplicate step once. In other words, you do not need to file the same form more than once.

Many of the steps require that you have waited a specific period of time before applying for license reinstatement. If is too soon for you to apply for license reinstatement, it is possible that you may qualify for limited driving privileges. This will be discussed later.

While you do not have to file the same form more than once for license reinstatement, if you have two or more reasons for the suspension or revocation, and each reason has a fee associated with license reinstatement, you will need to add together the fees and pay the combined total. For instance if one reason requires a $20 fee for license reinstatement and the second reason requires a $45 fee for license reinstatement, you will need to pay them a total of $65.

(3) Make a list of the actions necessary to get your privileges back and map out a plan of action to meet the state's requirements for license reinstatement.

Making a list gives you a plan of action to follow. You can check off the steps as you complete them.

(4) Take the first step.

For many, inaction is their worst enemy. Block out a time to sit down and fill out the paperwork.

(5) Take the second step and the third step, etc.

Take the SATOP program if required. Yes, you might consider it a waste of a weekend, but the program is designed not to punish you, but to make you a safer driver. Remember that your goal is to be a legal driver again. This is worth the effort.

(6) Finish the process.

Finish what you start. Mark off that last step on your list.

If you have received a DWS or a DWR, being properly reinstated by the time we request an amendment of your charges will result in a much better outcome of your case. Ask your attorney at the Zolman Law Form what you need to do to accomplish your license reinstatement. We will guide you on your path to becoming a valid license holder while we amend your DWS or DWR charge.

Missouri's Limited Driving Privilege (LDP):

If you cannot get your driving privilege back because you have not met the statutory waiting period, but you need to drive for employment or other important matters, you may apply for a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP). You may get such privileges unless you have certain convictions or losses of driving privileges on your record that are so serious that an LDP may not be granted. The State of Missouri currently lists 15 such serious reasons for denial of an LDP. Contact the Zolman Law Firm to see if you are entitled to apply for an LDP.

If you do not qualify for an LDP, yet still need to work, you will either need to relocate to a residence within walking distance of your employment or within walking distance of public transportation.

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