Family Access Motions (Access To The Child Or Children)

It is stressful, frustrating, and sometimes a little scary if the other parent is preventing you from having access to your child. The Missouri judicial system has recognized that this can, unfortunately, be a common problem. If the other parent is interfering or denying you custody that you have under an existing court order, you do have remedies available.

A family access motion can be a helpful mechanism to correct this problem through the courts if the party denying you child access does not have good cause. It is important to remember that there does have to be an existing order granting you custody or visitation rights to obtain relief by a motion for family access. If you do not have an existing judgment, there are still additional options that are available.

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Family Access Remedies In St. Louis Metro Area Of Missouri

In family access matters, the court has available several remedies that can be ordered individually or in any combination depending on the circumstances of your particular case. The court can order that:

  • Compensatory (or make up) custody or visitation time be allocated to the parent who was denied child access
  • The violating party be required to participate in counseling regarding the need to provide the child with a continuing and meaningful relationship with both parents
  • A fine of up to $500.00 can be implemented against the violating party
  • The violator could be mandated to post a bond or security to make sure that there is compliance with the court orders in the future
  • The violator could be required to pay the cost of counseling to reestablish the parent-child relationship of the child with the party that has been denied access to the child
  • A monetary judgment can be made against the violating party for reasonable expenses, attorney's fees, and court costs that were incurred by the parent that was denied access to the child that resulted from the violating party's denial of custody or visitation

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