Custody And Visitation

Keeping The Battle Away From Your Child

During a divorce or a paternity case, a child can easily get caught up in the fight. You don't want that to happen. When you choose the Law Offices of the Zolman Law Firm, we work to avoid that type of situation.

The fact of the matter is that, no matter how hard you fight, the court sees both parents as equal partners in raising the child, unless there is some reason for the court not to. When that is the case we will help you show that to the judge.

Our divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of the Zolman Law Firm fight to achieve your goals. We also take great care to recommend that you don't spend excessive amounts of time and money to have the court provide an outcome that you could have easily settled on at the start.

Legal Custody And Physical Custody

In St. Louis County and throughout Missouri, there are two distinct types of child custody to be decided by the court:

  • Legal Custody: This is the type of child custody that assigns the rights to make decisions about a child's schooling, health care and similar issues.
  • Physical Custody: This is the type of child custody that assigns parenting time with both parents.

Joint Custody And Sole Custody

Legal custody and physical custody can be issued in two permutations:

  • Joint Physical Custody: This splits rights between both parents, though not necessarily equally.
  • Joint Legal Custody: The parties shall agree on decisions affecting the growth and development of the child.
  • Sole Physical Custody: Where the child primarily lives with one parent.
  • Sole Legal Custody: Where the parties confer with each other on issues affecting the development of the child, but one parents gets to make the final decision.

The courts prefer joint legal custody and joint physical custody. They may provide sole physical custody while creating a visitation plan to keep the noncustodial parent involved.

Prepared. Focused. Aggressive.

The key is that our lawyers will take great care to learn about your situation. We will work with you to make the choices that make the most sense for you and your child. While we know you would prefer to avoid the time and expense of a trip to court, we are ready if your case requires it.