Child Support

The Financial Support To Raise A Child

Raising a child is expensive. That fact is not in question during a divorce. What is in question however is who will pay those expenses. Will one party need to pay child support? If so, how much will they have to pay?

At the Law Offices of Zolman Law Firm, our attorneys are able to answer those questions. We are able to stand by your side to see that your child receives fair child support in St. Louis County. If you are in need of a child support attorney, contact us.

How Is St. Louis Child Support Determined?

In Missouri child support is determined by using statutory guidelines. It is determined by something called Form 14. This form takes into account a variety of factors, the primary one being the income of each parent. When all factors are entered, Form 14 is used to calculate the presumed amount of child support payments that will be required.

However, child support is not always so simple that a form can figure it out. Forms do not take into account unusual circumstances, like requirements for specialized medical care or other issues.

That is where our divorce experience truly comes into play. We will carefully determine if and how we should deviate from the form. We will take the steps necessary to provide a fair outcome.

The Relationship Between Child Support And Custody

Child support is not determined by monetary factors alone. It also takes into account child custody and visitation arrangements.

Typically, if one parent spends more overnights with a child, they receive a credit on their Form 14. This is because, in theory, he or she is spending money directly to contribute to the raising of the child.

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Our lawyers know how to take every factor into account in order to get an outcome that is right for you and your child.