Child Support Administrative Hearings

Missouri has different methods to establish child support. For example, child support can be established either through the courts or through an administrative child support proceeding. Administrative child support proceedings are very common as there is a complex Missouri system in place to oversee the administrative child support establishment, modification, review, and enforcement. Medical support of the minor child is also considered in the administrative process.

Numerous factors change the amount of child support, and without the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney, you are at risk to have an inaccurate child support amount. Whether you are a parent obligated to pay child support or the parent entitled to receive child support, there are credits and deductions from the child support amount that you may not know you are entitled to use in the child support calculation.

These additional factors can make a substantial difference to the administrative amount of child support decided and the accuracy of that amount. It can be helpful to get legal guidance in this process as soon as possible to see what options are available. Not having the accurate amount of child support decided can pose a serious financial burden on your family.

Additionally, there are also potentially other matters that you may need resolved that simply do not fit within the parameters of what can be done in an administrative child support case such as child custody, visitation, and additional issues related to other expenses for the specific child. In these situations, there are still options available.

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