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When you are facing a divorce or a child custody dispute, the emotional and financial aspects of your case may be overwhelming. In Missouri, the legal process can be very confusing, but you should not walk away from what you are rightfully owed, whether it is time with your children or rights to marital assets and money.

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The Zolman Law Firm is here to help you through this stressful time. We understand the struggles you face at the end of your long-term relationship, and we will help you retain custody or visitation rights.

"The Zolman Law Firm helped me through my difficult divorce. My attorney was knowledgeable, prompt, and effective in dealing with the myriad of challenges I faced." — Client Testimony

With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, our Missouri divorce law attorneys will competently and zealously advocate for you during settlement negotiations, in court or in any administrative hearings you may face.

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Your emotional and financial well-being are of our utmost concern. Our lawyers can help you focus on the long-term results so you attain the best results possible and obtain what you deserve.

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