Shoplifting And Petty Larceny

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Shoplifting, also known as petty theft, is a crime that occurs when someone steals merchandise from a retail store. Typically, store security or a law enforcement officer will stop a person for shoplifting after they have seen a suspected shoplifter place an object in their pocket or bag and attempt to leave the store with it. The suspect may be detained and formally charged with retail theft.

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Is It A Case Of Mistaken Identity?

In their zealousness to prevent stealing from stores, employees and security personnel can make mistakes when identifying alleged shoplifters. Maybe you were returning an item you previously purchased or making an even exchange. Perhaps you mistakenly put an item in your pocket with the full intention of paying for it before leaving the store. We will carefully analyze the evidence against you. In many cases, store security or law enforcement officers make errors in the procedures used to detain you after suspected shoplifting. This may make it possible for the charges against you to be lessened or eliminated.

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