Municipal Court/Traffic Court Attorney: St. Louis County

There are more than 90 small municipalities within St. Louis County, and each relies on fines generated by municipal violation convictions as a major source of revenue. Chances are that you will face traffic court or municipal charges at some point in your life; maybe you are already dealing with a number of municipal tickets for traffic violations.

While many in Missouri may view these municipal tickets as minor irritants, you need to know that failing to defend yourself from just one offense can put a criminal conviction on your permanent record or add points to your driving record, causing your insurance costs to skyrocket.

Helping You To Prevent Municipal Criminal And Traffic Convictions

At Zolman Law Firm, our attorneys have decades of experience handling criminal and traffic tickets in municipal courts in St. Louis County, including those in the South Division, West Division and North Division. Acting as your intermediary, we will attempt to amend your ticket in order to minimize the negative impact on your permanent driving record and your life.

Dealing with the fines associated with littering or excessive vehicular noise violations are far preferable to criminal charges — such as writing bad checks, shoplifting or sex offenses — or serious traffic violations, which may include excessive speeding, failing to come to a complete stop or driving with a suspended license.

Prepared. Focused. Aggressive.

Call us before you plead guilty to municipal charges. Our lawyers can provide you with more effective legal assistance if you do not plead guilty first. Call Zolman Law Firm at 314-375-5237 or submit your information online to find out how we can help you avoid the long-lasting implications of a municipal traffic or criminal conviction.