Minor In Possession Of Alcohol

Underage Drinking Defense Attorneys In Missouri

Has your child been charged with underage drinking or minor in possession of alcohol, tobacco or fireworks? Opportunities for mischief are endless for teenagers. It seems there are far more opportunities for teens to get a hold of alcohol now than when we were kids. In efforts to reduce underage drinking, Missouri drinking laws have become more stringent over the years. Even a first offense conviction can result in 30 days license suspension.

If you have questions about the legal procedures ahead or want to make sure everything is done to protect your child's criminal record, contact the Zolman Law Firm. Our attorneys have particular focus on helping juveniles facing criminal charges and people who are encountering law enforcement for the first time.

Missouri Underage Alcohol Offenses: MIP ∙ MIC

As a parent or guardian, you realize that teenagers make mistakes like everyone else. Although it may be appropriate to reprimand your child, those issues belong in the home. Your child needn't suffer lasting consequences from a conviction on his or her criminal record. We can help you understand the laws as they apply to the situation, prepare you for what to expect and pursue a favorable outcome. Our attorneys handle underage alcohol offenses involving:

  • Minor in Possession (MIP): Juveniles who are caught possessing alcohol can face charges for Minor in Possession, whether they were drinking or not. Merely holding a can of beer or alcoholic beverage can be considered possession - even if the drink belonged to someone else.
  • Minor in Consumption (MIC): Missouri has expanded Minor in Possession laws to include underage drinking where the minor was not in physical possession of the alcohol. A minor with a BAC of .02 percent or higher can face underage drinking/Minor in Consumption charges. Simply appearing visibly intoxicated to a police officer can also be sufficient for a teenager to face underage drinking charges.

Most parents want to move past the whole ordeal as quickly as possible. When a deal is offered, both parent and child may be tempted to accept the offer and be done with it. Be cautious before accepting any deals offered by the prosecution. In our experience, more favorable deals are offered when the teenager is represented by an attorney.

A conviction for first offense underage drinking or underage possession of alcohol can be expunged in the future - after one year or after he or she turns 21. This means that everything from the arrest to the conviction or plea agreement is sealed. We can help you get the record sealed.

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