Internet Crimes

We defend regular people facing criminal charges.

Could an e-mail sent to an old girlfriend be used as evidence against you in a stalking case? Were your text messages interpreted incorrectly, initiating a harassment or on-line solicitation case against you? Communications over e-mail, text messages, Facebook, or other electronic means can take on a context you never expected. These communications could be used against you in the prosecution of Internet crime charges.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with an Internet crime, such as cyberstalking, or if you suspect a pending investigation against you, time is of the essence. Talk with an experienced Internet crimes defense lawyer at the Zolman Law Firm, to ensure your rights are not impinged.

Regulations Over Internet Commerce And Electronic Communications Are Constantly Changing

We stay abreast of these changes, which allows us to challenge probable cause for search warrants and challenge the integrity of the evidence. Contact us for skilled legal advice in Missouri.

We Can Help You Understand The Charges And Your Options For Defense

Many people who are charged with Internet crimes involving cyberstalking or fraud have never faced law enforcement before and may not have realized the conduct was illegal. Our Criminal Defense attorneys help clients understand the law and prepare them for what is ahead in the criminal justice system.

The State Of Missouri Takes Cyberstalking Cases Very Seriously

Internet activity involving harassing messages on MySpace that led to a teenage girl's suicide influenced Missouri lawmakers to expand stalking and harassment laws to include Internet communications, such as e-mail and other electronic communications. Under Missouri's cyberstalking and Internet harassment laws, electronic communication that is intended to inflict emotional distress or does cause distress on another can result in criminal charges. Further, adults who stalk or harass a child through electronic communications can face felony charges.

Prepared. Focused. Aggressive.

Whether you are facing allegations involving cyberstalking or other felony and misdemeanor criminal charges involving the Internet, discuss your rights and defense strategy with an experienced internet crimes defense attorney. Contact us