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Understanding Harassment Charges In Missouri

In 2008, new laws were passed that changed the definition of harassment to include communication through computers, text messages, and other electronic devices. Previously, harassment only included written communication or harassment over the telephone.

Missouri law defines harassment as "conduct directed at a specific person that serves no legitimate purpose that would cause a reasonable person to be frightened or intimidated." In most cases, harassment is considered a Class A misdemeanor, unless the alleged harasser is 21 or older and the victim 17 or younger.

Penalties for a conviction of harassment in Missouri include large fines, probation, and even jail time. Examples of conduct that may constitute harassment or cyber bullying include:

  • Knowingly intimidating or causing emotional distress to another individual
  • Using offensive language which causes another individual to believe he or she faces the threat of physical harm
  • Making anonymous telephone calls or otherwise communicating in a way that threatens, frightens, or intimidates another individual
  • Making repeated and unwanted communication with another individual

If you have been charged with harassment or cyber bullying, our felony and misdemeanor criminal defense attorneys can explain your charges and legal options, and help you determine the best way to proceed. Our law firm is intent on seeking the outcome that has the least impact on your life.

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