Missouri White Collar Crime And Embezzlement Defense Attorneys

Is stealing quarters that your boss collected from his coin-operated laundry machine business embezzlement? Does "borrowing" money from your employer without letting them know -even if you intend to pay it back - constitute embezzlement?

Depending on the specifics of your case, the answer is probably yes. Does a charge of embezzlement have to ruin your life? No. There may be extenuating circumstances in your unique situation or the situation of a loved one. Seek a free initial consultation with the Zolman Law Firm, experienced embezzlement defense attorneys: 314-375-5237 or contact us online.

We Understand The Seriousness Of The Charge And Its Potential Impact On All Aspects Of Your Life

The consequences of embezzlement may result in jail and the loss of a job. It can be humiliating and shameful for you and your loved ones. The stigma can follow you and your employment record the rest of your life. If it's your first brush with the law, the experience can be terrifying. It is wise to seek counsel of a competent, qualified lawyer who can review your case and clearly explain what your options are in misdemeanor and felony cases.

Have you been charged appropriately? Was there a violation of your rights during the arrest? Is this the first time that you have ever been in trouble with the law? We present all this information to the prosecutor and to the court. We make them see you as an individual. We craft an intelligent and effective defense, always keeping in mind that the burden of proof is on the side of the state.

Qualified, Competent, Responsive Attorneys Who Know The Criminal Justice System And How To Effectively Navigate It On Your Behalf

We are realistic. If it looks like you could be found guilty, we will suggest alternatives so you are clearly aware of your options. We will examine your specific circumstances and do everything in our power to bring about the best resolution. If this means going to trial, we will fiercely defend your interests in the courtroom.

Prepared. Focused. Aggressive.

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